Knoxville, TN and Surrounding Areas


Plan Review

Have you ever moved into a house where the closet can only fit half of your shoes? Or there’s a room with three different window shapes and sizes and now you can’t figure out what you’re going to do for window treatments?

You’re *pretty* sure you’ve found a good floor plan for your new home, but you want to be certain. You don’t want to end up with any weird surprises that you’ll have to live with because you found them too late. You want to make sure that it’s not too much house, but you don’t want too little, either.


Kitchen, Bath, or Laundry Room Layout

There’s nothing worse than hosting a big celebration meal and there’s no room for any helpers in the kitchen. It’s just you and that one tiny oven.

Trying to get ready for work every morning in an awkward master bathroom with absolutely no storage. You’re reduced to stacking your hairdryer and makeup on top of the toilet, hoping it doesn’t all slide off.

Having to dump all of your dirty clothes on your kitchen floor because the laundry room in your pantry. And just how, exactly, is the laundry detergent supposed to stay put on that narrow metal shelf?

When you’re building the house of your dreams, the hardest working rooms in your house HAVE to be able to take on the realities of your life.


Beginning-to-End New-Build Services

Building a house is no joke. Building a house from beginning to end can cause lost sleep, lost hair, even lost relationships. (It’s not unheard of for couples to get divorced over the added strain on their marriage.) No one wants to see the process of building the home of their dreams turn into a multi-year ordeal. We designers like to say that there are no wrong answers in design, but there are. They’re the mistakes that you will regret forever.

This may not be your forever home, but you do plan to live in this house for at least the next 5 - 10 years. You want a home that’s easy to keep up with because you’ve got the right storage. A kitchen that makes sense. A laundry room that works. A living room, dining room, and bedrooms that fit your family and your future—and the furniture that fits the way you live. You need someone to be beside you throughout the entire new-build process—keeping you on track and helping to translate what the architect and general contractor are saying.