What the Heck is Online Design?



"I see that you have both online design and local design. What's the difference?"


The best way to describe the difference is to compare it to getting an email from your sister and getting a letter from her through the regular mail. Both ways let her send you pictures and tell you all about your new niece, but email is quicker, less expensive, and nobody physically brings you anything. With regular mail, the mail carrier brings the letter to your house where you get to see your sister’s handwriting, hold the photos in your hand, and hang the drawing your nephew made you on the refrigerator.

The biggest difference between online design and local design is whether or not I come to your house. (You can be in the greater Knoxville area and still choose online design. And if you really like me and are willing to cover travel expenses, I’ll travel quite a ways.)

Now, if you’re wondering how I could possibly know anything about your home if I’ve never been there, it’s because you’ll send me pictures and detailed measurements. (Don’t worry! I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.) Once I’ve finished your design, you’ll get in-depth instructions to pull it all together. Since you’re the one doing the measuring, ordering, moving furniture, and hanging pictures, online design is less expensive than local design.