My Favorite Clients

my favorite clients major life transition Dixie Willard Design

Earlier this week, a designer friend of mine in San Diego and I were chatting about the projects that mean the most to us. They weren’t necessarily the ones with the biggest budgets or the best style. Our favorite projects were the ones where we helped people through major life transitions. The widower moving to a new home for the first time without his wife, the woman going through a bad divorce and starting a new household on her own, the couple expecting their first child, the woman whose father had recently died and whose mother was moving in with her, the family struggling with a major job transfer hundreds of miles away in the middle of a school year, the newlyweds trying to meld two households (and two completely different styles). The clients who had so much on their plates but we were able to tell them, “I’ve got this. You focus on YOU.” The clients who desperately needed their home to be a place of refuge, their own private sanctuary where they could relax, regroup, refocus.

I don’t have the talent or skills to create a cure for cancer or broker world peace. What I do have is the ability to help you create a home that is functional and beautiful. A home that both reflects you and nurtures you. Yes, I love to work with clients who are just ready for a change—those projects are usually fairly straightforward and fun to tackle. My favorite projects also touch my heart.



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