A Home That Makes Them Happy the Moment They Walk in the Door


Well, ladies and gentlemen, today’s the day! I’m finally ready to spill the beans about my exciting new project. If you haven’t read last week’s post about The Restoration House, do me a favor and go back and read it. I'll wait!

One of the things I love most about The Restoration House is that they support the families in every way imaginable while making sure to keep their dignity intact. The mothers work hard, pay rent, and learn how to support themselves and their families financially and emotionally. TRH sets them up for success.

Families often come with little or no furniture, dishes, cleaning supplies, or pantry staples. While TRH can address so many of their needs, it’s a challenge to coordinate this part. And with Phase II of The Village coming in the next year or so, they’re going to need a ton of help.

As an Air Force brat and wife, I know about transitions and how hard they can be. Moving to a new base and living in temporary housing until your household goods arrive is hard. It’s not your furniture, the décor isn’t usually anything you’d pick for yourself, and it’s really hard to settle in. Just living there for a month or two is HARD. Nothing is familiar. You have to figure out new routines while helping your kids adjust to new schools (which may be behind or ahead of their last school). Plus, you’re probably looking for a new job for yourself and/or getting ready to go back to school. Sure, the new place has a ton of resources to help make the transition easier, but sometimes even that can get overwhelming. All you want is the peace of home. Your home. And this place just doesn’t feel like that yet.

I’m beyond excited that I have the opportunity to help the families at The Restoration House turn their temporary housing into a place that feels like home. That IS home. So all the other changes going on in their lives go just a little bit smoother. How, you ask? I’ve volunteered to help coordinate all the things they need and help decorate their apartments in a style that fits their personalities. (Plus, I’ll be making sure their pantries are stocked for them to move in.)

Inspired by what The Restoration House does and want to help? Stay tuned for next week’s post!