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You moved to East Tennessee to:

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Is Your Head Spinning From All The Decisions That Need To Be Made Before Your Forever Home Is Finally Built?

  • There’s the space plan.
  • And the paint.
  • And the finishes. (Inside and out!)
  • And don’t forget about the appliances.
  • And what about the plumbing fixtures?
  • Oh—and you’ll want lighting!

All of these decisions are getting in the way of you living the life you dreamed of when you moved to the Knoxville area!

What Makes Dixie Willard Design Different? 

Building a new home comes with so many decisions, from the space plan and room layouts, to shopping for all the flooring, counters, and appliances-the time it takes to make all of these choices is taking away from you living your life!

At Dixie Willard Design I've created a streamlined process that will establish a plan based on your lifestyle so you can build with confidence knowing all of your decisions are the right ones and get you moved into your forever home.

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You want to establish roots and live a life filled with community and adventure in the Knoxville area but in order to have all of that, you need to build the forever home you've been dreaming of.

The problem is, there are just far too many decisions to make when building a new home, which is making you feel frustrated because it all needs to get done and you'd rather not deal with all the choices that need to be made.

I believe that you should be spending your time enjoying life rather that worrying about all of your new-home decisions. I understand what it's like to have a vision for your new home but to also not want to spend the time getting the project off the ground, and that's why I take on a limited number clients each year.

I focus on not only getting your home planned but finished so that you can go on living life knowing your project is in good hands.

Working with an interior designer means so much more than not having to worry about the finishing touches at the end or whether the tile goes with the paint.

I work with your architect and builder to make sure the room sizes and configurations fit your needs; help you select all the interior (and sometimes exterior) finishes and fixtures; make sure the builder knows where everything needs to be installed; help you choose furniture and more.

Here's how we'll do it:

1. We'll establish the perfect plan for you home.

2. We'll build with confidence.

3. You'll live in the forever home of your dreams!

Stop being stuck with all the indecision of building your new home and instead, have peace of mind knowing that someone qualified for the job has it under control.


Getting started is Easy!

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In the meantime, download your copy of The Must-Have Guide to Building Your Dream Home.

Interior Design Services Dixie Willard Step One

1. Establish a Plan

We’ll establish a plan based on your lifestyle for all of the decisions that need to be made before your forever home is finally built.

Interior Design Services Dixie Willard Step Two

2. Build with Confidence

You’ll be able to build with confidence knowing all of your decisions are the right ones. I’ll be with you every step. I’ve got your back.

Interior Design Services Dixie Willard Step Three

3. Live in the Home of Your Dreams

Live in the home of your dreams. You move into your dream home and start living a life of adventure.


I know you have a vision for your home while also not wanting to spend all the time that’s needed to get the project off the ground.

Here’s my promise to you:


Your home will support you; it will be your refuge and your place to relax and regenerate.


Your time is a valuable commodity—I’m not going to waste it.


You’ll be free to establish roots, build community, and live adventurously.